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Create Your Brand Guide

A brand guide outlines all the details that define your brand in a neat little package. This can be very helpful when sharing with potential partners, new employees, contractors, or for...

galentine influencer event

Galentine’s Day Is Trending

Galentine’s Day was first brought to life when Amy Poehler’s fictional character on Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope, recognized it as the day before Valentine’s Day where “ladies celebrate ladies.” On...

Elle Magazine Lounge

ELLE.com organized its first-ever New York Fashion Week lounge this February with BCBG to give editors and influencers a quiet, and chic, spot to take a break from the hustle....

flower arrangement

Making Magic With Bodega Flowers

We teamed up with our friend Robert from Fleurum, a luxury floral design studio, to celebrate the arrival of Spring – a season no longer marked by a specific date (because...