5 Ways to Step Up Your Photography Game

It’s time to step that photography game up. Here’s what you need to know.

iPhone vs. Digital.

The camera you should be using is based on your personal preference. If you are posting a quick Instagram photo then your iPhone is your best friend. Also, let’s be real here… iPhone quality is getting pretty damn good. If you have a digital camera and are comfortable using it then obviously use it and get those #quality images.


Lighting is everything. If you are taking photos outside the best time of day is when the sun is about to set… get that #goldenhour glow. You can always edit and manipulate the lighting afterward but save yourself from future frustration and make sure your object isn’t covered in shadows.

Line er’ up.

No one likes a crooked photo. Use the grid mode on your iPhone to get a straight image. Most digital cameras have a grid already implemented into the viewfinder so you’re set.

Click away.

Take several photos from each angle you are shooting from so you have a variety to choose from. And when I say several I mean I usually delete about two-hundred images and pick between three good ones.


Once you have a killer shot you need to edit. It isn’t always necessary to add a filter to a photo but using presets or filters in VSCO and Lightroom do make images look insane. If you like the coloring of your shot just make sure you sharpen it up a little bit and correct the lighting if necessary.

Get out there and shoot.

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