How to Boost Your Brand Using Instagram Hashtags

It’s 2019 and Instagram is the most important platform to market your brand. But you can’t just post a photo and move on. Hashtags are the way to boost your brand onto the screens of hungry consumers that are interested in what your business has to offer. We’ve compiled the most important tips when using hashtags on Instagram to grow your audience:

Stop Spamming.

Do not use the same thirty hashtags over and over again on everything you post. It looks bad. Trust us. Keep it authentic and use a variety of hashtags that are valuable to your niche. Incorporate your hashtags straight into your caption and keep it at 5-10 per post.

Stay Relevant.

Using the hashtag #roséallday for a photo that doesn’t have anything to do with rosé doesn’t make sense. Use hashtags that are relevant to your brand, your niche, and your photo. Using a relevant hashtag will bring your images into the eyes of an audience that is actually interested in your business.

Build that Brand.

Make a hashtag for your brand. Creating a hashtag for your brand not only puts all your images in one place but you can create a squad from the hashtag as well. The hashtag can be anything you want from the name of your business to something fun that relates to your brand.

Ready. Set. Hashtag.

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