Galentine’s Day Is Trending

Galentine’s Day was first brought to life when Amy Poehler’s fictional character on Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope, recognized it as the day before Valentine’s Day where “ladies celebrate ladies.”

On the television show, Leslie Knope states, “What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year”.

It has since become a weeklong celebration before the V-Day where women post IG stories of their best gals online and get together offline to celebrate the strong, independent besties in their lives with dedicated dinners, wine nights, and other social gatherings.

Social media data is showing how Galentine’s Day just might be the best day of the year for many people as it has almost the same number of mentions as Valentine’s Day.

Social media data for Galentine’s Day reinforces the excitement for celebrating women and reveals that there is a strong presence for women empowerment and support within the Galentine’s Day mentions.

This recognition of the power of the holiday is a great way to boost sales for brands. We created an event around Galentine’s Day for our client, Bacana Sangria. We invited influencers from our #Squad to an intimate brunch complete with DIY Valentine cards and instagrammable props. This resulted in 430,528 new eyes on this early-stage brand.

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