Case Study: Grey State

Brand Strategy, Data Analysis and Research
About This Project

Grey State is a women’s apparel brand dedicated to providing comfortable and versatile clothing options. They approached our company seeking assistance in uncovering their target audience and refining their messaging around sustainability.

Grey State faced the challenge of understanding their target audience and refining their messaging around sustainability. Without clear insights into their primary and secondary audiences, as well as effective messaging, Grey State risked struggling to connect with their desired demographics and differentiate themselves in the competitive fashion market.


  1. Market Research: Conducted thorough market research and analysis to uncover Grey State’s primary and secondary audiences based on data insights.
  2. Audience Profiling: Developed detailed profiles of Grey State’s target demographics, including affluent moms and sustainable Gen Z women, to better understand their preferences and behaviors.
  3. Messaging Strategy: Collaborated closely with Grey State to craft authentic and impactful messaging around sustainability that resonated with their target audiences.


  • Implementation of Targeted Marketing: Utilized data-driven insights to tailor marketing campaigns and initiatives specifically to Grey State’s primary and secondary audiences.
  • Integration of Sustainability Messaging: Incorporated sustainability messaging across Grey State’s marketing channels, including website content, social media campaigns, and email newsletters.
  • Brand Alignment: Ensured consistency in messaging and branding to reinforce Grey State’s commitment to sustainability and resonate with their target demographics.


Increased engagement from affluent moms and sustainable Gen Z women, as evidenced by higher website traffic, social media interactions, and email open rates. Positioned Grey State as a leader in sustainable fashion, distinguishing them from competitors and attracting environmentally conscious consumers. Achieved a notable increase in sales and revenue, driven by the successful targeting of primary and secondary audiences and the implementation of impactful sustainability messaging.