Case Study: Bacana Sangria

Sip, Share, Sparkle - Leveraging Influencers to Launch Portuguese Bubbly in the US
Wine & Spirits
Brand Partnerships, Brand Strategy, Content, Go-to-Market Strategy, Influencer, Social Media
About This Project

Bacana Sangria, originally positioned as a sparkling wine native to Portugal but often mistaken as traditional sangria, embarked on a journey to establish itself in the competitive USA market. With no prior brand recognition, Bacana Sangria sought to redefine its identity, differentiate itself from competitors, and carve a niche in the beverage industry. They partnered with our company to navigate these challenges and achieve their goals.


  • The misconception of being traditional sangria rather than a sparkling wine.
  • Entering the USA market without any previous brand recognition.
  • Competing with established prosecco brands and traditional sangrias.


  1. Repositioning Strategy: Repositioned Bacana Sangria as a premium Portuguese sparkling wine, emphasizing its unique qualities and heritage.
  2. Market Entry Plan: Developed a strategic plan for entering the USA market, focusing on building brand recognition and establishing distribution channels.
  3. Brand Identity Enhancement: Refining the brand identity to align with the new positioning, highlighting Bacana Sangria’s Portuguese origins and premium quality.
  4. Influencer Strategy: Leveraged influencer partnerships to amplify Bacana Sangria’s visibility and reach among target demographics.
  5. Brand Partnerships: Formed strategic partnerships with key brands and organizations to enhance Bacana Sangria’s market presence and credibility.
  6. Event Programming: Curated bespoke events and experiences to showcase Bacana Sangria’s unique qualities and engage consumers.


  • Developed compelling content highlighting Bacana Sangria’s Portuguese heritage and premium quality.
  • Collaborated with influencers to create authentic and engaging content that resonated with their followers.
  • Forged brand partnerships to expand Bacana Sangria’s reach and visibility in the USA market.
  • Organized and executed successful events to introduce Bacana Sangria to consumers and key stakeholders.


Successfully repositioned Bacana Sangria as a premium Portuguese sparkling wine, effectively differentiating it from competitors. Established a foothold in the USA market, gaining traction and building brand recognition among consumers. Saw an increase in sales and market share, driven by the successful positioning and marketing efforts.