Case Study: LookOurWay

From Car Wash Icon to Cultural Phenomenon - How We Rebranded the AirDancer for a New Generation

Brand Partnerships, Brand Strategy, Color, Content, Creative Direction, Logo, Social Media, Visual Identity, Website
About This Project

LOOKOURWAY specializes in custom inflatables, marketing promo items, and owns the trademark for the iconic AirDancer. Positioned as a leading provider of innovative advertising solutions, targeting a diverse range of industries and clientele. Prior to the collaboration with Hashtag Lifestyle, LOOKOURWAY sought to revitalize its brand identity and engage with younger demographics in new and exciting ways like a gen z marketing strategy.


In an industry dominated by traditional approaches and boomer strip mall business owners, LOOKOURWAY faced the daunting task of catching the attention of younger demographics, particularly millennial entrepreneurs. Without a fresh perspective, the risk of stagnation loomed, potentially losing ground to competitors who successfully tapped into the pulse of modern consumers. The challenge: modernize the brand and capture the hearts of both Millennials and Gen Z.

  1. Strategic Rebranding: Collaborated closely with LOOKOURWAY to revamp their logo, colors, and narrative, aligning with contemporary aesthetics and industry trends.
  2. Targeted Marketing: Launched a gen z marketing strategy via a meme account, ‘The Wavers,’ to engage younger audiences and spread brand awareness through relatable content and viral trends.
  3. Brand Partnerships: Leveraged strategic partnerships with influencers and complementary brands to extend LOOKOURWAY’s reach and relevance among target demographics.
  • Unveiled the refreshed brand identity to positive reception, generating buzz and media coverage across digital platforms and industry publications.
  • Successfully tapped into the Gen Z demographic through the meme account, fostering brand affinity and engagement, resulting in increased social media followers and website traffic.
  • Strategic partnerships amplified LOOKOURWAY’s visibility and credibility, facilitating access to new markets and customer segments.

By leading a comprehensive rebrand and targeted marketing campaign, LOOKOURWAY achieved its goal of modernization while effectively connecting with the next generation of consumers. The efforts resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness, social media engagement, and customer acquisition, positioning LOOKOURWAY for continued success in the dynamic advertising industry.