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We're a digital brand consultancy shaping
luxury lifestyle brands
targeting Millennials and Gen Z

Rooted in our origins as social media pioneers, we possess an almost clairvoyant ability to foresee emerging trends. Fluent in memes, gifs, and emojis, our expertise is in connecting with the affluent sect of the two most tech-savvy generations.

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Hashtag Lifestyle is a brand marketing consultancy with digital culture in our DNA.

Founded in the fall of 2015 by Monica Dimperio, one of the original influencers, with a mission that is loud and clear. 

We power up businesses—at every stage of growth—and help anyone dreaming of building a brand resonate with a Millennial + Gen Z audience across digital, social, and IRL.

Monica Dimperio is a visionary brand builder known for pioneering influence and igniting brands. She has been recognized by Refinery29 as a top Tweeter to follow, selected artist by Tumblr for their “Moving the Still” exhibit at Art Basel Miami, and spoke on “How to Build a Community from Scratch” during Social Media Week.

Using 20 years of marketing prowess, Monica developed a three-step approach—Express, Develop, and Expand—that’s like magic for propelling brands forward and ensures each client’s transformation is lasting and impactful.

Hashtag Lifestyle is committed to building brands that empower this forward-thinking audience to live their best lives online and off by anticipating the next vibe shift and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Manifest Brand Growth in 1-2-3

At [Your Consultancy Name], we believe that our approach to solving clients’ problems sets us apart from the competition. Our methodology is built on a foundation of innovation, experience, and a deep understanding of [your industry/sector]. We’ve designed a process that ensures every client’s unique challenges are addressed with precision and expertise.


Set the foundation for a strong and memorable brand identity in phase 1. Your deliverable is a bespoke style guide that expresses your brand story through voice and visuals with an accompanying competitive analysis and is told consistently across all platforms with a lean towards digital.


Our strategic roadmap guides your brand marketing over three years. In phase 2, we uncover your strengths, develop goals and tactics for consistent brand growth – on both digital and the real world. Coupled with your new branding, this ensures lasting impact and business evolution.


Compassion, social return on investment via a global,  thought provoking correlation indicating scalable,  compelling growth.

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Brand Strategy and Development

Brand Strategy and Development

Brand Strategy and Development

Brand Strategy and Development

Brand Strategy and Development

Brand Strategy and Development

Brand Strategy and Development

Brand Strategy and Development

Brand Strategy and Development

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