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Strategic Visionary + Brand Builder | Fashion Blogging Pioneer | Fractional CMO | Lifestyle Expert

Renowned as a social media maven, Monica’s two-decade journey is a masterclass in innovation and influence. Her story begins within the luxurious walls of a Prada boutique, setting the stage for a transformative odyssey through the fashion industry. Under her expertise, Monica orchestrated the resurgence of the iconic Lacoste polo and ignited the Midwest’s craze for AG Jeans’ skinny jeans.

Leaving the retail scene behind, Monica entered the golden era of blogging, captivating millions globally through her iconic blog, The MidWasteland. Recognized in that role by The New York Times as ‘One to Watch,’ an accolade echoing her foresight on the digital frontier.

Her forte for documenting street style unveiled a natural talent for trendspotting. Chronicling the millennial lifestyle and hipster culture as it unfolded, Monica became a content creator long before it became a mainstay. It was through the process of elevating The MidWasteland into a thriving brand that she discovered her superpower—turning blank slates into resounding successes.

Monica doesn’t follow trends; she sets them, shaping the digital landscape long before the Instagram boom and solidifying her status as the OG influencer.

Today, as the Fractional CMO for diverse clients in the Hashtag Lifestyle portfolio, Monica transcends the role of a mere marketer—she’s a connector and a catalyst for brand growth. A bridge between businesses and the pulsating heartbeat of two powerful generations, Monica architects the branding, campaigns, collabs, and strategies that reshape industries with her visionary touch.

In the Know

Monica not only navigates the currents of today’s trends but also predicts the waves of the future. Recognized globally, she’s the go-to expert for national and international publications, sharing her insights on millennials, fashion, lifestyle, and culture, among other cutting-edge topics.

  •  | Social Media Insider
  • The ‘It’ Factor | Chicago Tribune 
  • New Age Etiquette or Bad Manners? | WGN Radio 720
  • You Won’t Get Anywhere by Just Posting on Social Media | INC Magazine
  • From 1-25,000: How To Build A Community From Scratch | Social Media Week – Panelist
  •  How Women in Spirits Can Build Better Brands | American Distillers Conference – Panelist

Iconic Moments

Over the years, Monica has garnered acclaim as a fashion, lifestyle, and millennial culture expert, earning recognition in the media and industry honors—a testament to her unwavering commitment to pioneering future trends.

  • Recommended Blogger | The New York Times
  • |Moving the Still” Exhibit at Art Basel Miami Beach
  • Vintage Sustainability Expert | NBC5 Chicago
  • Street Style Expert | Chicago Magazine
  • Top Tweeter to Follow | Refinery29

Brand Collabs

  • Kenmore
  •  Neiman Marcus
  • Topshop
  • Caesars Hotel & Casino
  • Method Home
  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • Juicy Couture
  • Cynthia Rowley
  • Clear Hair Care
  • Olay Fresh Effects
  • Victoria Secret Pink
  • Free People
  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx

Talking The Talk

Monica engages audiences with compelling discussions on diverse topics, from Millennials and Gen Z dynamics to the influencer landscape, future trends, and a spectrum of wellness facets, including sustainability, self-care, women’s health, and female entrepreneurship.

  • Millennial Lifestyle Expert: For almost 20 years, Monica has crafted brand strategies that seamlessly integrate with the lifestyle aspirations of the 35+ female demographic. Uncover the secrets to building lifestyle brands that resonate with the unique preferences and values of millennial women, creating immersive experiences in fashion/style, alcohol, food, mobile, hospitality, wellness, and more, all while infusing a touch of humor and pop culture references.
  • Tapping Tastemakers: Guiding brands in forming meaningful partnerships with influencers from the perspective of a social media pioneer turned brand consultant.
  • Anticipating Cultural Shifts: Leveraging a deep understanding of millennial culture and insights into Gen Z, to offering info into the latest trends that resonate with  demographics.Uncover the art of trendspotting. Feeling the vibe shift.
  • Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Integration: Drawing from owning a vintage shop, infusing sustainability into lifestyle strategies and campaigns. Explore sustainable practices and vintage aesthetics.
  • Certified Health Coach Perspective: Weaving in health-conscious insights and advice throughout lifestyle narratives, blending wellness seamlessly into the 35+ female demographic’s lifestyle. Leverage certified health coaching expertise to integrate health and wellness seamlessly into lifestyle narratives, ensuring that brands resonate with the well-being priorities of the 35+ female.

On Social

Within the digital expanse, Monica meticulously curates distinct lifestyle narratives across her Instagram channels. Each platform stands as a strategic canvas, portraying unique stories. @thefoodheaux documents culinary escapades, @hashtaglifestyle_ serves as a trendsetting hub, and @_tobehonesttho_ delves into crucial wellness discussions. On @monicadimperio, her personal account, an engaged following offers a glimpse into daily life. Beyond surface metrics, these platforms represent calculated extensions, fostering connections with diverse demographics and communities.

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