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Founded by one of the original fashion bloggers.

We've been in the biz for 10+ years. That's like 79 in internet years.

While on a solo soul-searching mission to Berlin and Amsterdam in the winter of 2006, Hashtag Lifestyle founder, Monica Dimperio had a lightbulb moment when her travel research uncovered an underground cult of street style photographers in Europe. A year after returning stateside, the largest online destination for fashion and millennial culture in the Midwest was born.

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Overall the quality of our content has vastly improved and our social engagement and following have significantly increased.

Not only are they on-target with predicting upcoming trends in fashion, beauty, music, arts and pop culture, but they are able to easily communicate these ideas to the masses.

A keen eye for what people want and WILL want as well as an effective way to communicate those messages through innovative copy and pictorial content.